Told by Bil Gilbert and Krishna Roy
In many times and places people fascinated with the prowess of crows and ravens have transformed them into magical, supernatural figures who appear in hundreds of legends. So it has been said First Crow or Raven was the principal envoy of the Maker of Life, Odin and Apollo; served or defied Wind; the Lords of Death, and Satan; brought the sun, stars water, tides and humans into this world.
With a commentary on the relationship between mythic and mortal corvids, some of these tales are retold by Bil Gilbert and Krishna Roy. Both are founding members of the American Society of Crows and Ravens. Gilbert, the author of many prize-winning books and magazine articles has been called “our best full time environmental journalist,” by The Washington Post, and “a kind of natural resource to be cherished,” by Smithsonian magazine. Roy, a native of Calcutta, has been an executive with the Nature Conservancy, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation and the Wolf Trap Center for the Performing Arts.

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