This website is maintained as a public service by the American Society of Crows and Ravens of which more very shortly. Responses are sometimes – but by no means always – made to electronic comments and queries which are received here and prove to be of especial interest to the webmaster.

The American Society of Crows and Ravens is an internationally acclaimed disorganization of one thousand and some members some of whom are residents of all the states of this federal union, nine other countries and Scotland. To become a Corvi, that is a full-fledged (an expression) member of the American Society of Crows and Ravens you must first legibly write your name and address on a card. (If you have more on your mind you may write this and whatever else you want on a clean sheet of paper and put it into an envelope.)

Then address the card or envelope as follows: Kaw Valley Roost, Box 1423, Lawrence, KS, 66044-8423. Place an appropriatley priced postage stamp on the card or envelope and by means of your choice give it over to the US Postal Service. By and by your card or emvelope will arrive and after a minion remembers to get the mail and look at it you will be a member, able to enjoy all the berks and benefits of ASCAR.

Members of ASCAR may assume any title which takes their fancy or is useful in dealing with non-members: e.g., Chairmna, Trustee, Director, Research Fellow, Director of Security, etc.

Members are of course free to use whatever name they presently have. However, this is not required. Some choose to be indentified only by a number which they have personally selected. In a few instances two or more ASCAR members have selected the same identifying number. This is an interesting coincidence and perfectly acceptable. Also ASCAR can provide at least temporary relief to persons who have proper and/or given names which they have long disliked or now find boring. By way of hypothetical example. Consider a person who since birth has been Hamilton Berger, Fatime Butler, RIchard Headly or Ophelia Easley. Such individuals might well enjoy at certain times in some places being called, say , Plato Keen, Two Blue Moon, Hillary Thather; perhaps simply Jane or Bob Smith. ASCAR members can do so when and as they please.

ASCAR also publishes the CORVI CHRONICLE, an award-winning, irregularly produced periodical which in some quarters is thought to be one of the most informative, stylish and intellectually nourishing publications now available. As membership applications are received here so the CHRONICLE is delivered to members, ie by first class mail. A characteristic of Corvis is that in regards communication they consider quality much more important than rapidity. As they cound not if hunched over a small flickering screen, ASCAR members upon receiving an issue of the CHRONICLE make themselves comfortable – in either a sitting or prone position – and read it thoughtfully, becoming better informed, more entertained or outraged as they proceed.

There is no charge for the CHRONICLE but it is customary to send contributions to defray production and mailing expenses.

Those who do not choose to do so will continue to receive the CHRONICLE ad infinitum (another expression) and enjoy all other membership privileges. However, understandably, they often suffer loss of self-esteem and are mocked by other Corvis.

Otherwise, the American Society of Crows and Ravens levies no dues, keeps no rewards, makes no promises, grinds no axes and gives no quarter.